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Why You Should Have a Letting Agent to Manage your Properties in Birmingham

Why You Should Have a Letting Agent to Manage your Properties in Birmingham

As a landlord, you need to have reliable property management company to help you build and manage your property business. After going through the hassle with contractors and the authorities when building or when buying and refurbishing your investment property, you should at least then be able to relax and watch your efforts pay off. The only way to reap quickly and consistently from a property is through a letting agent that has ready tenants willing to pay more than the average rents of similar properties.

Why letting agents?

Letting agents in Birmingham primarily manage properties on behalf of landlords in their local areas. They do all the work from sourcing tenants, which involves advertising; they also carry inventory checks, property inspections, collect rent and ensure the property is used based on the landlord’s best interests.

Tenants also feel safe when working with a letting agent because of the professionalism and familiarity in the industry. However the landlord’s preferences are a priority. Letting agents always strive to protect the landlord’s interests. While tenants have the right to have the contact details and the address of a landlord, they will always be working with a letting agent. Letting agents always have full mandate from a landlord to make decisions and execute under a full management agreement.

Full Time Property Management

It is most likely that property is not everything that you wake up to on a daily basis. Consequently without a letting agent it will mean that you will have to make yourself available at all hours of the day. This is because if a tenant have an issue or problem. Property management is a responsible duty and role. You will always be expected to contact plumbers, electricians and handy men.

The tenants are probably are working during business hours. They are more likely to be contacting you in the evening and weekends when they are not working. There is no point in going all through this. Especially if you as a property investor and landlord live outside Birmingham.

Credibility Of Property Management

 As property letting and management experts we are familiar with the Birmingham lifestyle and needs of tenants; we will help by recommending to you what will appeal most to your tenants without compromising on your interests. The company is duly registered and insured by the national legislative organisations to offer letting and full management services in Birmingham.

The Crowded Market Place

Today, there is an overwhelming number of letting agents. You might be struggling on making a choice. Profectus Estates are reliable because as we have all the legal insurances and certifications that protect your property business and you as a landlord. It is a huge risk to deal with an unlicensed property manager because you will not only lose tenants because of negligence and unprofessionalism but because of legal issues.


Without proper management, a property could depreciate in a few months if you get bad tenants and your property management agent or company fails to carry out regular inspections. It is impossible for you to handle all these other tasks as a landlord; you can do it but not efficiently, if you are working in another job or business and property investing is passive or part time for you.

Keeping You Tenants

You can end up losing good tenants because of a low-quality service being provided. Many good tenants move when their landlords fail to fix repairs and maintain their properties. Letting agents in Birmingham have a robust association that strives to bridge the gap between tenants and landlords. 

Most tenants have specific interests but they end up settling for less because they simply cannot secure their desired and specific property. Also, as a landlord, you might have established buying in an area while targeting a specific audience. However you may not get to this audience. This is why you need letting agents that understand the local market well in Birmingham.

It is now easy for landlords because of online letting agents. Live chats and websites make it easy to interact with letting agents and evaluating whether their policies fit your interests. 

Have you have been trying to handle all the property management activities on your own. Do you have the time on your hands. Do you have the communication skills. Maybe you worry if your not being firm enough, or too firm with the tenants. You have to remember this is a business and you can’t take it personally. When money comes into any conversation the stress levels increase. Property management requires full focus and professionalism. If you are multi-tasking this compromises on the quality of services. Consequently this has an effect on delivering an acceptable service to tenants.

We know it is tempting to be at the forefront of every process. Especially if this is your first property investment or a buy to let. It is important to have the details of your property and establish a close relationship with your tenants. However, you cannot maintain the quality of service including agreements and rent collection for the years to come. Especially if you are running your property investment as a passive buy to let. The legislation is ever changing and is difficult to keep up with if your also have a regular job.

As a Residential letting agent in Birmingham we help you to become familiar with the culture and expectations of tenants where your property is located. As letting agents we are the link between you the landlord and your tenants in Birmingham. To ensure your remain legal and compliant, make use of an experienced property management company. Overall, using an agency will save you thousands of pounds in penalties, fines and even from imprisonment.